Online Casino Gambling

Online Casino Gambling

Over the years I have experienced players doing some entertaining, strange and different rituals as they play the slots or table games. I recognize that I have not seen it all so I asked some of my booklovers to share their comments or relate the rituals that they carry out for luck.

The reply I received was astonishing. If you have ever openly or secretly executed a lucky ritual, rest secure, you are not unaccompanied one of them is called lucky charm. Here are some of the rituals that players perform.

Some players will try to draw good fortune prior to they leave for the casino. Many online casino players told me that they have lucky clothing or jewelry that they will always wear to the casino. It is being said some of them prepares meals.

“Several times when they go on gambling casino trips, some of them have ranch style casserole on the night before and we won pretty big on the trip. So now some gamblers insist that on the night before every trip we have to have this dish

Many players like to check their horoscopes or biorhythms before they start their trip. I don’t know about you but I have never see a horoscope that read, “Today is your unlucky day. Stay away from the casino!” One of the strangest sights was a man at a Las Vegas casino who played slots with a large Teddy bear, about the size of a four-year old child, on his knee facing the machine.

He talked to the bear in a very animated way between spins and even used its paw to hit the spin button. I don’t know who was the luckier of the two. Some of them even try to get closer to the machine with their luck and we call it manipulating the machine.

Perhaps the most common ritual performed is tossing money into any fountain or body of water in or near the casino. These “Wishing Wells” are quite lucky for the casinos who net thousands of dollars each year from players who think that throwing away money will bring them good luck as long as they make a wish while they do it. You can even make your own luck, there is no proof that charms, clothes, spouses or any other rituals you perform can change your luck at the online poker gambling.

However I do know that people who feel lucky and happy seem to have a much more enjoyable time in whatever activity they participate in. If carrying a lucky charm or performing a little ritual while you play makes you feel good, then go right ahead as long as it does not infringe on your fellow players. You can also find some slot tips and poker tips which have to do with your luck.

Manipulating The Machine

Most players know that there is no way to influence the outcome of a spin on a slot machine but many of them will try different approaches as if the machine had feelings or was conscience of outside influences.

Some players like to get personal with the machines. They will kiss, fondle or talk intimately to the machine in hopes of persuading it to give up its charms. One player told me that she will always say hello to the machine before she starts playing. My friend sat next to a woman who was begging the machine saying, “Please, please, let me win; come on give me the money" as she was rubbing her hands all over it. (Ref: Lucky winning)

Players will try to manipulate the machines by varying their routine as they play. One video poker player told me that she pushes the re-deal button if she wins a hand but if she loses a hand she will hit the singe bet button five times.

Another player said, “I also like to tap the right side of my VP machines before hitting the deal button. I seem to think I'm hypnotizing them, and I then tell the machine what cards to deal. Sometimes it works!”

The most common practice that I have seen is the player who removes and reinserts his slot cards as he plays. I once asked a player why he was doing this and he told me it was because the machine would think there was a new player sitting down.

Another player I saw was constantly cashing out and putting fresh bills into the machine and cited the same reason for doing this. They actually believe that the machine knows if someone new is sitting down to play.

Poker tips

There was an interesting article in this yesterday's Wall Street Journal about America's recent favorite pastime, Poker. The question was asked whether or not poker is a game of chance or a game of strategy and skill. It is clear to me that it a tremendous amount of skill to be a very good poker player.

Luck, of course, will always play a factor. I have a puncher's chance of beating Phil Ivey on a lucky "all in," but if you have ever seen Joes vs. Pros, you know that professional athletes will dominate you EVERY TIME. Let's be honest. Could you strike out Barry Bonds? Once? Stop Jordan from scoring? Once the answer is no. You won't. Not once.

So, if I have a chance against Phil Ivey or Howard Leader, what makes Poker a game of skill? Two very good points were raised in the article. First by Annie Duke, "you can purposely lose at poker if you choose." It's a good point.

The ability to affect the outcome is present, unlike roulette, or horse races. Yet, in blackjack you could hit on 21, ensuring a loss. Does that make blackjack a game of skill? (Ref: Lucky winning)

The second point was raised by Annie's brother, Howard Leader, "the vast majority of high-betting poker hands are decided after all players except the winner have folded. So if no one shows his cards, can you legally argue that the outcome was determined by luck?" (Ref: Lucky winning)

Another great point by the poker superstar sibling. If no one sees any cards, the cards did not play a role in the outcome. Thus, the outcome was determined by the betting of the players, clearly a process of skill or strategy.

There are some genuine business concerns over the question. The recent ban on internet gaming was specifically a ban on any "game predominantly subject to chance." The whole thing is rather annoying. Why ban it? Let it happen, try to put check in place to prevent minors from gambling online, and find a way to tax it. Everyone wins.

There is no doubting the fact that online poker has exploded into that fastest growth industry online. With millions of players flocking to online poker rooms, it is not surprising that new online poker rooms are springing up with alarming regularity to try and cash in on this phenomenon. Online gaming has become the latest mantra for game freaks.

There are many online casino gambling sites that offer these internet casino games absolutely free to these game lovers. What is more, many of them even offer these games for real money! One such brilliant online game is poker. Online poker is one of the most fascinating and addicting online games ever! The casino poker game involves a lot of strategy, skill and of course, practices, to master its various moves.

So which poker rooms are good options to play at? This is where our poker online guide comes in. Online Gambling Insider was founded by three people with many years of online gambling experience.

This experience enables us to evaluate online poker rooms and determine their credibility, integrity and value to the player. But more importantly, our experience as regular (and often too regular!) poker players helps us to give you honest and first hand opinions about poker rooms, good or bad.

Our online poker editor, Marc, is a professional poker player who plays poker and writes about it for a living (unlike many so called "pros", Marc actually makes a pretty decent living doing this). Marc regularly plays in Vegas, and has played against (and beaten) some pretty big names. Our guide to online poker includes poker room reviews, poker strategy, poker bonuses and promotions and the latest online poker news.

Bingo Tips

Bingo is a very favourite pastime and has been played successfully for many years. In the past bingo was only offered in local bingo halls. But since internet casinos becoming more and more popular, bingo can also be played online. Most players use free bingo games before they make real money bets while playing bingo. Free bingo games will help you to understand the rules of the game and it gives you the opportunity to practise your bingo playing skills. But there is more to increasing your chances in bingo than learn the rules by playing bingo for free to begin with. The following bingo tips will help you to increase your chances of winning big with online bingo.

Bingo games at the internet are offered 24/7, which mean you can play the game whenever you want. The best time to play online bingo is early morning or weekdays, as not many players will attend the games. Lass players mean that you will have more time to match called out numbers on your card. Do play with more cards which increase your chances to fill out at least one card completely to win the game. Play more expensive bingo games as they pay out higher winnings. Always remember to only play with money you can afford and know when it’s time to quite. This is always a general rule when players look to devise their bingo strategy. The idea that players must play within their own means and continue to play at a level that also allows them the chance to still enjoy the games for their fun too.

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